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SHUNYA COSMIC® Attire represents ancient wisdom through modern aesthetics in order to create pieces that capture both, conscious outer appearance and inner balance of the body in a modern world. A simple yet unique capsule collection infused with holy geometry objectifies the very strength of this tranquil collection that reaches out to unify and harmonize our physical aspects with the finer tissues of our mind and soul.



Symbols containing the holy geometry are nowadays found on clothing all around the world. So what is so special about SHUNYA COSMIC® Attire? In our clothing the sacred geometry is a part of the sewing pattern. But that is not the only energetic specialty of SHUNYA COSMIC® Attire, we have also attached the sacred geometry to specific areas in the body which are used as treatment gates in ancient healing concepts. The effect of sacred geometry in the body can thus be specified and modulated due to the effect of the special mandala and the energetic area that is stimulated. 


In our universe creating energy permeates everything, human beings included. Our physical body is guided and kept alive by this energy. It reveals itself in our soul and our mind. If we correspond to this energy on the physical level we are healthy, on the mental level we think positively, are able to partake in our creative potential, are hopeful. Our soul, therefore, lacks fearfulness, sadness or anger, is in harmony with the outer world and experiences bliss.

In the tradition of Yoga and Buddhism the word SHUNYA stands for zero, nothingness as well as quietness in never-ending space. In Sanskrit it denotes transcendental power, pure cosmic essence. In Chinese it means magnificent in the state of flux.


SHUNYA COSMIC® Attire offers timeless and subtle garments in order to provide a modern tool for an open minded and contemporary customer. The pieces unfold their impact when worn on the body and influence both, the outer and inner well-being and balance of the wearer. This happens through versatile usage of geometry. Every garment holds different geometrical characteristics like the shape, pattern construction, weaving structure of the textile and embroidery. Every garment carries a well considered combination to reveal a relevant functional design that can be utilized in every day life.


The irresistible charm of geometry is to be found in almost every aspect of our life. It influences art, design, architecture, and even music. In physics and mathematics it is concerned with questions of shape, size, position, volume and space. Geometry has evolved significantly throughout the years and arose in a number of early cultures as a practical way to deal with life. It emerged into formal mathematical sciences in Greece. In India it appeared independently in theoretical texts of scholars. The golden age of Islam in the 9th century expanded mathematical knowledge even more. Until today it is a solid and fundamental science to fathom the earth and even spaces that are located beyond the normal range of human experience. Coming from Ancient Greek `geo´ means earth and `metron´ stands for measurement.


The general concept of geometry is also to be found in the field of holy or sacred geometry, which is the foundation of SHUNYA COSMIC® Attire. It comprises simple mathematical shapes such as point, line, plane, distance, angle, surface, and curve. The effect and impact of an elaborate sacred illustration lies in the exertion of general mathematical shapes under the influence of symmetry and asymmetry, regular and irregular arrangement, rotation and reflexion, repetition as well as centeredness in the figure.


The SHUNYA COSMIC® Healing symbol introduces an elementary combination of seven general shapes, united as a powerful sacred figure. It represents a synthesis of our seven energetic centres, each line representing one energetic centre of our body, and facing the symbol opens a path to the system. A prolonged glance makes all the centres synchronize and form an equilibrium.

If, however, one line will become more prominent this reflects an energetic blockage of this centre. In this case the symbol should be faced in a mindful manner until it appears in a harmonic way. In addition to a meditative approach Shunya Cosmic® Attire supports and uplifts our energetic system by simply wearing it. Each piece harmonizes our lower vibrating centres and uplifts them to their highest potential during the day, thus providing a balanced overall field for body, mind, and soul to interact with the world.


SHUNYA COSMIC® Attire is an ongoing attempt to a sustainable, conscious and holistic design, which aims to push the boundaries of clothing and fashion into a new contemporary status quo.


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