The term Mandala originates in Sanskrit, meaning circle. The shape of a circle permeates our existence. It is to be found – in a cosmical sense – in the planets circling around the sun but also in many blossoms and fruits. Mandala shapes exist in material texture as well as in flora and fauna, starting from atoms via microcrystallines up to the system of planets. We just have to think of the beauty of the Mandalas of flowers and blossoms, shells and sea urchins, of ammonites and corals, the construction of birds´nests or spider webs. Mandalas are circle-shaped pictures of differing colours or mystical emblems to be found in all cultures of the East and West. We encounter them in manifold varieties, e.g. as a ground plan of temples or holy places, magical circles painted onto the earth, perfectly shaped Tibetan pictures of meditation, or expressed by the window rosettes of Gothic cathedrals.


Tibetan Buddhism arranges different contents of mental processes as Mandalas meant to support meditation and concentration. In tantric yoga a Mandala symbolizes the cosmos and serves contemplation. It is to be found in Christian religion, e.g. showing Christ at its centre,  surrounded by the four evangelists or their symbols.


The Mandala arouses creative powers within us, arising from our subconscious, allowing us to view the surrounding world in a new way. It allows our self-knowledge, personal development, and healing means spiritual enrichment of life, leading us to our centre, to inner harmony and wholeness.


SHUNYA COSMIC® products are affiliated to a single corresponding Mandala of healing which exactly allows to stimulate the areas related to specific disorders. This allows our body to increasingly receive the impulses  and contain them for a prolonged time.


SHUNYA COSMIC® Healing mandalas are of high attractiveness if our body suffers from deficiencies related to their field of effectiveness.

Therefore, the user intuitively chooses the mandala that he most of all needs for the regulation in his body.